Wednesday, September 14, 2011

No Longer a Slum Dog

Summer 2011 is now over and while everyone is talking about how they spent their summer, I'll show you a book that has put a burden in my heart for giving the gospel to children. In December I'll be going on a missions trip, and this book  has got me even more excited for the trip! I hope it does the same to y'all as it has done to me! :)
Bridge of Hope provides for thousands enrolled in their schools 
It is a book called: No Longer a Slum Dog -  about children in Asia, and how GFA Bridge of Hope is reaching out to the children, their families, and their whole community. This has opened my eyes to see how much need there is for Jesus in Asia, and how millions of people live there without ever hearing about the miracle worker who died on the cross because He loves us. Kids there grow up with the mentality that they deserve to be treated like subhumans! They live and die believing that there's no escape from the chains that they're bound by mentally, physically, and spiritually. This is not a small amount, its millions of children living like this. Pause and think about that. That could have been me or you, but God placed us in a different situation. Think, that those are the Lord's precious children suffering the way they are, and we probably won't do more than just think about it and feel sorry. No action taken whatsoever. Now, maybe we'll be thinking, "I'm too young" "I don't have money." or "There's nothing I can do". If the Lord isn't calling you to be a missionary, or if you don't have money to support a missionary than there IS something you can do. You can PRAY! Prayer is the way you talk to the Living God! We're not talking about our wants and desires being given to a fictional character like Santa, this is a real God that answers your prayers. So pray, at the very least, if anything, pray! Just pray. :)
To get this free book, find out more about this amazing Ministry, or to support a child, visit this website:


  1. WOW! Thx you 4 sharing that, kellogs! When we think about what God has saved us from it really boggals our mind and makes us eternally grateful to the Lord! But may we not forget the innocent people and children living in a world where people do not understand the sanctity of every life that is created equally by God. May we never cease to pray for these poor people (that are treated lower than animals) and may God reveal to them His light and may that bring them comfort and purpose!

  2. That book has impacted me so much...thank you for sharing!

  3. Yeah! at the very least, we should pray for them! :) @ masiel, the book impacted me so much as well! :)

  4. Hi Kellogs! :) While I haven't read that book, I am reading "Revolution in World Missions" by the same man. It has had a very big impact on my life!
    ~Elizabeth Lindsay~