Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To help, or not to help....THAT.. is the question

At Dr.Emily's abortion mil, there's one thing you can't do, and that's passing the line, the line that separates the sidewalk from the driveway. When you do that, you can get arrested for trespassing. That's the law, so we follow it, but there's moments where you really wish you could just walk all over their huge parking lot.
 There's girls that, when they walk out the door, they kneel down in pain, there's girls that can't take the stress and stand there and cry, and there's girls that are being pulled out by their boyfriend or mother. The hard part is watching it, and not being able to reach them and give them a hug, give them the gospel, or comfort them, because they are far inside the parking lot.
Two weeks ago, there was one girl who walked out, sat down lying on the wall, and started crying. I wanted to go and run to her, but there was that line that separated me from her. The worst part was that one of the three clinic escorts that day just stood there, pacing back and forth near us. Why didn't he help her? One of the pro-lifers (the one in the picture) said to the clinic escort, " Go help her! She needs help! Why don't you ask her what's wrong?" And did he do it? Nah, he started pacing bad for thinking the escort would think about helping a women crying on their floor.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Land of the free?

intro NYC Bill 371 :
This bill demands that pregnancy centers are required to state that we do not have a licenced medical staff, and that we do not provide abortions or contraceptives.
The reason for this bill? Jessica Lappin and Christine Quinn claim that pregnancy centers are "deceiving" women, and that our advertisement isn't honest.
WILL SOMEONE please tell me what is not true in the statement "FREE ABORTION ALTERNATIVES"? When we say abortion alternatives that's what we give. When we say free sonograms, we don't charge a penny, it's absolutely free. When we say free pregnancy test, we mean it.
I am extremely disappointed. I thought I lived in New York City, the most amazing city in the world. I thought this was America: land of the free; but here's our city council telling me what I can or can not say, without any reason whatsoever.
If they really care about Justice and the safety, if the council REALLY cares about women and honesty, then why don't they stick their nose up the abortion industry's dirty business, where there are multiple reports filed against abortion clinics, and video evidence of clinic staff lying to girls and covering up illegal sex trafficking of minors? Isn't that an important issue to handle? If there's no real complaints about our pregnancy centers being dishonest; if there's not a women out there that says they regret getting our free services, why are they passing a bill that is making it hard for a woman to choose life, and get help for her baby? Why are they taking away my beautiful freedom of speech? Why?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Light in the midst of darkness...

I call it volunteer work, but along with my awesome friends, every Tuesday we hit the streets of NYC...more specifically, in front of Dr. Emily's Womens Medical Clinic.
Me in front of Dr. Emily's.
What do we do? We speak to girls going in the clinic, and tell them that there is another option: LIFE for their baby, whether they want to keep or adopt..we give them a free sonogram, and if needed, provide them with free clothes for the baby, diapers, strollers, you name it.At the end of the day, we don't get paid, we get screamed at by the clinic escorts, and told we can make better use of our time; but I get to see a lot of girls relieved that they didn't choose death for their baby. I get to see hope in their eyes, I get to see beautiful babies being loved by their mommies!
The "team". Going around from left to right: Me, Kevin,
James, Laura L., Noemi, Ashley, Masiel, Laura O., and Karla
That's why it's not work to me. Together with the volunteers from my church, I'm being the only ray of light in the midst of a dark, dark culture, where a Life is disregarded in the name of choice. I'm doing God's will for my life, and He has plans for all of us. He's doing something great in this ministry and more info on that will be posted soon.