Monday, September 26, 2011

We follow Christ by His strength!

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is week. We cannot follow Christ, live for Christ, honor Christ upon our own determination! We are week and it is the depravity of sin that consumes our souls until the blood of Jesus conquerors and washes it away. But due to our sin nature we fall every day with our, thoughts, actions, words, and no matter how much we strive to be perfect and holy we will fail because we were born IN SIN!
But there is hope, my dear friends! There is hope because once Jesus lives within us, we no longer see through our own eyes but through his. We are consumed in the holy spirit and God alone will give us the strength to say no to temptation and fight against the darkness of satan and press on the great commission. "When we become a follower of Christ It is no longer your life, it is now His life. Your time is no longer your time, it is now His time. Your possessions are no longer your possessions, it is His possessions. Your future is no longer your future, it is now His future." "So Likewise, whosoever he is of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, cannot be my disciple." Luke 14: 33

May we come to the world as little LAMBS.....with the faces of LIONS because the living almighty, consuming, soveriegn God dwells within us! We stand in the authority of the name of Jesus because we do not head off to war to loose we head off to war to win! The gospel demonstrates to the universe the manifold will of God! We need to rise up and proclaim the gospel!
Lord, Jesus don't just send us. Send us within yourself! Come with us. How can we do it on our own strength? The answer is...WE CAN'T! Our God is ready to do it in and through us. We cannot muster up the strength and We cannot love the lost, but HE CAN! Don't pray that God will teach you how to love like He loves, pray that he will fill you with himself and that He will love through you!
We cannot imitate Him on our own strength or we will be a miserable replica! But if we allow the impartation of Jesus Christ suddenly it all works because it is Him imitating Himself and He is very very good at being God!

P.S- The second phrase comes from Eric Ludy's sermon on "The Gospel". The video is available on youtube.

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