Monday, October 3, 2011


I don't usually recommend movies to people, but this one is a must! The title is Courageous and I just recently saw this with my family. It's from the makers of Fireproof, Facing the Giants, and Flywheel. This movie was funny, tragic, impacting, suspenseful, and most of all, has a beautiful, touching message, with biblical principles. 
This movie challenges men to take up the role of spiritual leaders of their homes, to be what the Bible calls a man. It puts a lot of emphasis on how crucial it is for a father to cherish the years God gave him with his wife and children, and most importantly, how men need to take responsibility for their actions- to take up the role of a man. I cried, laughed, and thought deeply while I was watching this movie, but words can not describe how great it really is! You are missing out if you don't go to see it! :)

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  1. LOVE THIS MOVIE! Highly recommend it for every Christian father and son to see. Very encouraging, and inspiring.